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A Safe Space to Connect. Create. Share.

WooJavi is the social media platform where you can share your thoughts, and express yourself without judgment. A place for you to be you; unapologetic. With no filter.

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Find someone else that shares your story.

Whether it's transformation, heartbreak, adversities, or even just expressing your passion, Woo-Javi allows you to connect with others who share common interests and/or adversities. Feel free to support each other, vent to each other, and watch time and community help you manifest your reality.

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Connect with others on a similar journey and share what you are manifesting for your future. Support each other and find your purpose in this world🌎. 

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Whatever you're feeling, it's valid here. Let it out! You'll find others will truly appreciate engaging with you on your journey, and oftentimes, it inspires them to make change.

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Supporters are here to help each other overcome obstacles, manifest life, and execute your dreams. When we come together, it's easier to triumph over the uncertainties of life. Find the support and confidence you need to become the best version of yourself, with NO judgement.

No filters here. We focus on your story and what makes you, unapologetically YOU. Give yourself permission to journal in a very unique way about what's truly going on.
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Victim of Violence, shot execution-style in the head, chest, neck, abdomen, and right thigh by a man now convicted of first –degree murder. Even though I survived by jumping out of a two-story window; I now suffer from short-term memory loss, seizures, and headaches. Parts of my skull were removed and replaced with a metal plate that has resulted in multiple surgeries due to infections. My life is now full of challenges such as seizures, anxiety, paranoia, anger, stress, depression, nightmares; the sad part is feeling all alone and trapped in your mind and body. I’m surrounded by friends and family. Woo-Javi helps me forget my sorrows in hopes of a better tomorrow. I joined the arts and spoken word community to pursue my first love...Poetry!


—  PJ, 26

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